Production Process of Textilene Fabric

This is the production method of high strength and environmental-friendly textilene. The method comprises the following steps of : extruding; coating; twisting to form textilene reeled silk by using a twister; weaving the reeled silk into a weaving beam by using a warping machine, weaving a surface net on a rapier loom, and finishing the surface net into the textilene.

The textilene produced by the method has environmental performance and higher mechanical strength, is widely used for series products such as beach chairs, bags, handbags, shoes and hats, sunshades, table placemats, household products, handicrafts, curtains, automobile seat cushions, skid resistant carpets, decoration and the like.

The following is the factory production process flow chart:

  1. Hand-mixs custom colors for the clients
  2. Produce Raw material (PVC powder, Calcium powder and other additives)
  3. Make PVC and polyester to wire
  4. Weave
  5. High temperature setting
  6. Packing
Production Process of textilene fabric 1
 Production Process of textilene fabric 2